day thirteen | Worry

These worrry dolls sat in their box on a shelf in my room. I imagine they watched dreams swim around my sleeping form, and wondered when I would set them free.

day fourteen | Helianthus

There are subjects that are hard to write about, others that are impossible. Then there are those that are neither hard nor easy, only uncomfortable. These are the most difficult. 

How To Henna Dye Your Hair

There are few things in life more nerve-racking than intentionally covering your hair in a substance similar to newborn poo. But I’m here to encourage you: there is a sweet auburn light at the end of that odd-smelling tunnel. Here is how to henna your hair. A while ago, after endless bottles of Red Passion…

Counting Sheep In Class. (and how to not)

So, I feel I can declare myself an official student at university level. Why, you ask? Well apart from having submitted my first assignment, I have had my first accidental snooze in class. In my defense the room was dark and hot, and the movie (Citizen Kane) was crap.This does not, however, lessen the shame….

I am too old for this.

It is my first official semester as a full-time Massey University student. Unfortunately, the glamour has faded faster than a pair of fake Converse from Bali. I should have expected this, having grown up into a jaded realist who’s favorite game has become ‘here is why that won’t work.’ I have quickly realised that I…