Week 6: Evidence.

My heart was pumping through what felt like a million layers of gear as we paddled toward the first rapid. All prior confidence was gone, evaporated into the swirling air around us.


Week 5: Connections.

“She looked across her world
And thought
She could reach all the moments at once …”

Week 4: Jump in.

Standing on that beach looking out over the waves, Fear was gnawing at me: fully-grown and yanking at its leash.

Week 2: Tapu

Tapu has a way of changing your behaviour, in the same way that it changes the atmosphere.

Week 1 : Strangerfriends

What if I was put with a houseful of wild Irishmen; or people who had no idea how to handle a vacuum; or a bunch of foreigners with whom I might have no common language?
Either which way … I had made my Irish bed, and I was about to find out how comfy it was going to be.

day two | Skin.

There is so much to be said for the glory of feeling at home in yourself, in finding comfort in your own company.

day three | Fear.

What does ’empty’ mean to you? Does it speak of possibility, or fill you with dread?

day four | The Cull.

Culling and packing, unpacking and culling and packing.

Right now it doesn’t feel like this can end with both of us alive. Either a vital zip will break, or I will. 

day five | Wrote.

Once upon a time, I had some feelings.
So I wrote a letter.
Then a poem about writing that letter.
Now I am writing a blog post.
So it’s a post about a poem about a letter about some feelings. You get it, right?

day six | Held.

This wallet was handmade in Takaka, Golden Bay, bought with Christmas money from my grandparents. Now it is unable to keep things safe; it cannot hold them tight.