day five | Wrote.

Once upon a time, I had some feelings.
So I wrote a letter.
Then a poem about writing that letter.
Now I am writing a blog post.
So it’s a post about a poem about a letter about some feelings. You get it, right?

I wrote you a letter
And then I thought better
Of sending that letter in the mail

I second guessed my actions
And sought some distractions
to stop all those thoughts setting sail

See I realized the danger
Of handing to a stranger
All the turmoil I’d bottled inside

So I’ll restrain my feelings
And set about to healing
Still you can’t say that I never tried

Because the things that I wrote you
About what I have gone through
Are anecdotes you should already know

If you’d considered how I felt
About the way you had dealt
When you decided that you had to go

If you’d realised you broke
My heart before you spoke
I guarantee there would have been no need

But instead you ran away
So there’s nothing I can say
Except to write a letter you’ll never read*


*You should know I’ve still got this letter. Seriously, send help. 


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