Reasons I am swiping left.

Herein lies a list of feelings I have while mindlessly and aimlessly perusing the world of online dating. This is not supposed to be a list of judgements, though I suppose it is. Feel free to write me your own list of reasons why you would swipe left on my profile. I promise I can take it (probably).


One day.

One day, 
I know,
my knees will ache for rest.
This heart will not race
at the thought of the unknown.

Week 16: Tea.

To the next person to live in Room 5, House 4, Plassey Village.

If i could offer you one single piece of advice it would be this: Learn how to make tea.

Week 15: Next steps.

There is no greater evil, I think, than the subtle and pervasive belief that our success can only be realised in the failures of others.

Week 13: Words.

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

Week 12: Treasures.

“Inside her fist were treasures,
infinitesimally small.”

Week 12 (can you believe it?): Treasures.

Week 10: Lessons.

In celebration of double digits in Ireland, I have compiled the top ten lessons I have learnt in the last ten weeks about studying abroad, flat-sharing with strangers, travelling, and love.

Week 9: Shoes.

‘Take a walk in their shoes.”
The message is clear enough, but I wonder if we still can’t quite comprehend what this means in practise.

Week 8: This too shall pass.

Life races ahead … always changing and constantly evolving. Which means that wherever we are, it too shall eventually pass. 

Week 7: F.O.M.O.

At this moment my homeland is 25 hours, 18227 kilometres, and two long plane rides away. It’s almost difficult to comprehend that my family, friends, bed, car are all so far from reach.